Simple Flat Pricing

Proposalways pricing plans are simple. First 20 active proposals are free each month. Flat US $0.50 per active proposal after that. No credit card required to register.

Common questions

What is an Active proposal?

When you start creating a proposal it will be an Active proposal as long as it is not Archived. It means every proposal under Drafted, Sent, Accepted/Declined and Shared will be called an active proposal. You can edit, view, copy, send, archive or share the Active proposal. An Active proposal can be created from "Proposals > New" or "Proposals > New From Template". You can also create an Active proposal using sample templates available in templates.

How many Active proposals do I get when I register?

You get an unlimited number of Active proposals. However, you will be charged for each Active proposal after the first 20 free Active proposals every month.

What do I pay for each proposal?

Every month, after the first 20 free Active proposals, you will be charged 0.50 USD for each proposal.

When do I pay?

A bill will be generated after every month, according to the number of Active proposals made in the past month. You will have to pay the billing amount before the due date. Otherwise, you will have restricted access to Proposalways.

What features do I get with free registration?

You will get full access to all the features of Proposalways like Share for Edit, E-Signatures, Notifications, etc. but free access would only be available for first 20 Active proposals only. For every proposal created after first 20 Active proposals, charges will be added to your monthly bill.

What if I need help?

You can always refer to the Help section on the website for all the information related to Proposalways. If you still have queries you can contact our support team at